Friday, August 7, 2009

A week in the Life of Me

Everyone always comments on how busy I am. How do I get things done. Well, Here is how my life goes during the months of July and August.

Monday - I get to sleep in. Coffee, then make my grocery list. Call Anita and confer about the list. Then I head out generally with Anna, cause the boys have gone picking. I come home, eat, then make jam. Anywhere between 120 - 66 jars. Depending on how much I need and how many jars I have.

Tuesday - I get to sleep in. Generally Anita is over well before I have gotten out of bed. We have breakfast, we clean the house, do laundry. About 4-6 I get into the kitchen, and I bake between 30 - 40 loaves of bread, 3 doz cookies, granola, and whatever else I can get thru the oven until midnight.

Wednesday - Market day. Alarm is set for 5:30am. We aim to be in Boyne before 7:30am. Market runs until 12. We then pack up and head to Gaylord. We stop by the market there. Then stop and get some supplies to last the rest of the week. Come home, relax for a little bit. Then get into the kitchen about 6pm and bake until midnight.

Thursday - I get up and am in the kitchen about 7am. I bake steady until 1pm. Then I head down to Mancelona. I need to pick up the key to the senior center and mark the lines for market before 2pm when my vendors start showing up. Market runs 3pm - 7pm. I am generally back home and I finish what I need for fridays market.

Friday - Market Day. We are at market by 7:30am. Market runs until 12pm. We get home and crash until about 5pm. I evaluate what I need for Saturdays Market. Then get in the kitchen and bake until I am done. Sometimes it is late, sometimes not.

Saturday - Market Day. At market by 7:30am. Market Ends at 12pm. After market we bring leftovers to the market in Gaylord. Then we come home, and get dinner around, most times we meet with Jed's parents for dinner. Then we come home and get the kids to bed, and go to bed.

Sunday - Sleep in until about 8am. Get up and ready for church. Church until about 1pm. Then relax the rest of the day, and or start getting stuff ready for Monday.

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  1. Oh wow!!! I don't think I could physically handle all're going all the time...are you SuperWoman!?!?! I think you must be...

    May the Lord richly bless the labor of your hands!