Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring - a time for new beginings

As the trees start to bud, and the plants are starting to green up, I am thinking about new things. It's a new season, a fresh season. With spring brings hope. Fresh Starts.

This year I am hoping for many things. A good market season, good craft sales, my kids to potty train easily....

I have also started some new things. Yesterday I started a walk for life program. I would really like to do two things with this. First, I would like to get back into shape. Second, I would like to loose a few pounds. I have been crafting more, trying to find a niche of things that I enjoy making, that will hopefully make me some $$. I am rediscovering my love for making fabric items. In the last week I have made many things, crayon rolls, a kite, an apron, a very cute little dress for Anna, bookmarks, dog leashes, etc. I really do love it. It's fun, and gives me another creative outlet.

I am trying to better my life, spend more time with my kids while they are little. Spend more quality time with Jed. Live a better, more simple life.

With that, my kids are waking up and I am going to play with them for a bit.

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