Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Walking for Life

My little Sister and My Mom have both inspired me to take better care of my body and exercise more. While I am not planning on running any 5k's or marathons I do love walking.

So with that being said. My friend Jessica and I have been walking 1-3 times a week, when it fit into our schedules in town with our doggies. I know that I have been feeling much better and happier since I have started doing this.

So... This morning I got to thinking, if there are programs for runners to get going from a couch potato to running a 5k. There has got to a an easy program for walkers. So an internet search was underway. Yep, there sure is. It is called Walk for Life. It's a 10 week fitness training program.

While I would love to lose a few pounds on this, I would rather enjoy myself more. So I sent Jess an email asking her if she wanted to do this with me. She jumped right on it. While today we won't be able to walk together, if we both follow the program and walk together on the days when we can, we will be able to encourage each other, and help each other feel better about ourselves. Which really is the goal.

And you never know, If I like it, I might run. But don't count on that one. I don't like running. Walking is more my speed.

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