Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Clean Up Is Here!

It's clean up time around the farm! A sign that spring is here. The snow is gone and has uncovered all the winter uglies. Some things lost, some things stashed just outside the door because the snow was covering everything, others left out from last fall.

The front yard is cleaned, The chicken fencing is repaired. The apple crates are mostly put away. Loads of garbage picked up. Day one is complete.

Day two will be more pick up, along with a bonfire, just to get everything taken care of. I cannot wait. This year I am planning on adding a flower bed, actually moving one, and creating another.

We also need to get the plastic on the greenhouse and get that finished off. We are really starting on building our homestead to become self sufficient. I am glad that my husband shares that goal with me. Maybe not to the same extent, but in similar ways.

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