Friday, May 1, 2009

A new month, a new life

It's finally May!

May for me means very good things. The beginning of farmers markets for one thing. Which means that I will actually be able to pay my bills again. Yipee! It also means that I will be insanely busy from now until November. But who am I kidding, I am always busy.

So, yesterday, I had a bit of van troubles. They are not fixed yet. I will be getting on that soon. I am trying to plan my day out in my head. Not an easy thing to do. But I need to get so much done it isn't even funny.

So, I am going to be depending on Jed to help, and the kids to stay sane.

Good News, Anna, is finally crawling with her belly off of the floor. Bad News, she keep getting "stuck" in corners and under chairs, cause she hasn't figured out how to back up yet.

So for anyone interested. My Market Start ups are as follows
Saturdays Boyne City - May 2
Wednesday Boyne City - May 6
Thursday East Jordan - May 14
Friday Bellaire - May 22
Saturdays Gaylord - May 23
Wednesdays Gaylord - July 1

First Fruits is at all of the above (produce, baked goods, canned goods)
Flynn Orchards is at Boyne, E. Jordan, and Bellaire (bath and body)
Gaylord this year is letting crafters in on the first Saturday of each month. So Flynn Orchards will be there those days too.

The same people sell both products. I just wanted to keep my bath and body under a different tax number.

Ok, I need to get the coffee, then get busy.

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  1. May everything your hands touch PROSPER!
    Have fun and be blessed today!