Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday April 27

Anna is officially 7 months old!

Farm Markets Start on Saturday! I am far from ready. But it will all come together. I just need to get off the computer and get it done. I also need to figure out how to convert my lip balm labels from one on a pdf to 20 on a sheet of label paper. I have no clue, anyone wanna help. There is a jar of Jam in it for ya.

I have so much to do. It looks like the first thing on the list is going to be a load of dishes. I might be hitting the laundromat today again. Not sure though. I am getting quite the pile of laundry. We are supposed to be getting some yucky weather so it would be the opportune time to go. But at the same time, Jed and I are broke. We are going to make the week work on $50. Not sure how that is going to happen, but it will all work out. I just have that feeling that it will all be taken care of. Someday I will write about that feeling. It is a wonderful thing.

Well, off to wash dishes, then make some scrubbies. or maybe scrubbies first then dishes. I got so much to do. I made out a whole sheet of stuff that needs to get done. At least yesterday I sorted out my jams, unfortunately I only added to my list by doing that. urgh.

Busy, busy week for me.

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  1. Congrats on the Farmers Markets. May you have lots of sunny days!