Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday April 16th

Well, Yesterday for the first time in a long time I finally got something done!!

I poured a dozen bars of soap, made a dozen containers of bath salts, made homemade marshmallows (i need to cut them this morning.) Three loads of laundry were hung out on the line, and most of the laundry was put away. I even got the plastic containers for the microgreens picked up.

Today's list of stuff to do, is plant the microgreen, I know it's been on the list all week. Cut the marshmallows, freeze some for coating later. Laundry, dishes, ya know the regular household chores. Clear up counter space in the farm kitchen. Find the carmel sauce recipe. Make caramel sauce to drizzle over marshmallows with chocolate. Take pics of all of that. Figure out pricing. Maybe post that on Etsy. PLus, Caleb has swim lessons and clc tonight. And I would love to get in a batch of cp soap.

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