Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday April 28th

Today is going to be busy.

I am getting to crunch time with getting ready for markets. Here is my issue. I have dedicated only one muffin pan to use for lotion bars. And I have lots of lotion bars to make. It takes them approx 4 hours from the time I pour them to when I can release them. So I cannot get many done in a day. If i use another tin I will not be able to use that tin again for food. Cause fragrance oil does not taste good. So I work in cycles. I do have 6 pans, so I just might pull one more for lotion bars.

I am working up at Shanty tomorrow. 3-11 at summit. yipee. I guess there is a group coming in and they need help.

Today looks like it will be a nice day out today. I am going to try to get Jed to get the power drill charged for me. Yesterday when I went out to meet the bus I started pulling the wood out of the tarp that fell off of the roadside stand. The boys just want to cut the tarp up since the sides are torn anyway. But I am sure that I can find a use for the good parts of that tarp. So yesterday I was pulling out the pieces that did not have any tarp screwed into them. But I need to use some power tools to get out the rest, I think.

Anyway, off to make lotion bars, maybe get some lip balm done too.

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