Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday April 14 2009

Well I didn't get all that I wanted to get done yesterday. But I did get quite a bit done.

On today's slate is More laundry, it's never ending. Finally plant the microgreens, we did not grab the trays yesterday. Caleb has his first swimming lesson at 3:45. There is also a farm market meeting for the Bellaire market at 5pm tonight. I need to make a dish to pass. I should also make some bath and body stuff. Not sure what I want to play with yet. I do need to do my scent blend for Citrus Grove.

Most of the snow is off of the back yard. Jed is out pruning trees. I got a call about the application for accepting food stamps, sounds like that is going good. I know who I want to use for accepting credit cards, I just need to fill out the stuff on that.

Well, Anna wants attention, and I need to wash some dishes.

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